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Livre blanc « La démarche ePortfolio dans l’enseignement supérieur français »

Heute J., Jan D.-A., et al.
Heutte, J., Jan, D.-A., et al. (2013) ‘ePortfolio : enjeux et recommandations. Livre Blanc « La démarche ePortfolio dans l’enseignement supérieur français » Cahier n°1’, DGESIP.
Publication year: 2013

This report was ordered by the MINES (Mission numérique pour l’enseignement supérieur) in June 2001. Made of 3 volumes, this first one contains a SWOT analysis of the actual situation of ePortfolio use in France. It also suggests reflexion paths, and strategics approaches to achieve the installation and dissemination of ePortfolio practice in every national institution in the tertiary education sector.

The research group was made of educational practitioners, searchers, IT specialists and managers of IT systems, from 15 tertiary education French institutions, all with a background in ePortfolio practice. To this group were also joined national and international experts in ePortfolios.